Let's Learn to Play Bass Guitar!


Hi! I'm Will Irace. I've been playing bass for thirty years. I earned my music degree at Cal State Northridge. I live and work in Southwest Portland Oregon. 


After we spend some time together, you'll be able to say:

"I understand how my bass works and what all its parts are for."

"I know how to handle, tune, adjust, and restring my bass."

"I know how to learn a new song!"

"I can play lots of different scales and grooves and riffs, and put them together to support a band!"

"I can navigate all around the fretboard instead of keeping my hand in one position all the time."

"I'm getting better at reading music. Plus I know about modes and chords and tabs and stuff."

"My hands are strong: I can play for hours without getting tired!"

"Yeah, I'm a bass player. Come check out my band this weekend!"


I welcome students of all ages: six to sixty and beyond. Your parent, guardian, relative or friend will be welcome to relax on a nearby couch while we learn together.

Don't own a bass yet? No problem. You can play on one of mine during our lessons.

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