Hi. I work at Zscaler. If you know me (or possibly if you know someone who knows me) then you are invited to protect your computer(s) using the technology I normally sell to big companies. If you take me up on this offer you should be aware that I have the ability to see your browsing history. Don't worry, I won't tell.

You need a username and a password from me for this to work.

  • Your username will look something like first.last@zs.irace.net and won't be the e-mail address you gave me.
  • Once you have a username and password, click here to download the software you'll need to get started on your desktop or laptop.
  • You can protect your phone and tablet too. Search for "Zscaler Z-App" in the Apple App Store or in Google Play

Does the Zscaler App seem to be asking for your password too often? Open the Zscaler App, turn off "private access" and make sure "web security" is left turned on.

Having trouble? Please get in touch.