Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 Compact Docking Speakers Review

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If you need a small set of good-sounding speakers with a rechargeable battery that works with your iPod or iPhone, look no further. But this unit is definitely a compromise, and it won't be the best sounding system you've ever heard.

Bass response is very impressive--considering the size. You have two 2" active speakers, and two 3" passive cones. There's only so much air you can move with an arrangement like this, so you won't be waking the neighbors with this unit. But for use on a desk or in a small space, it sounds just fine. Highs are crystal clear and mids are pretty good too.

There are several other choices out there. It seems to me from the reviews out there that this is the only choice in this price range if you're looking for the best combination of portability and sound quality in a rechargable set of speakers. If I were inclined to spend twice the money on a larger box with a more powerful bass punch, I would grab the brand-new Altec Lansing inMotion MIX iMT800 Portable Digital Boom Box for iPhone and iPod, which probably sounds stupendous with its 5" woofer, midrange speakers, plus an FM radio, a better remote, really cool party features...but the MIX is about ten times bigger than this cute little thing, and the MIX isn't rechargeable.

Small? Check. Rechargable? Check. Good battery life? Check. Works with iPhone without interference? Check. Workable remote? Check. Doesn't sound like a tin can? Check. Small enough to throw in a beach bag or backpack with its nice padded case? Check.

Keep your bass response expectations reasonable and you will not be disappointed with the Pure-Fi Anywhere 2.