Cancelled your Cable and TiVo Service? Will assesses the options

After thinking about it for awhile I've cancelled my Comcast and Tivo service, because more and more we're watching stuff that comes from Netflix or Hulu or...other sources. Someone asked me for my thoughts about the $100 boxes out there and since the answer is more than 140 characters and I don't blog anymore, I thought I'd post them here


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Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter Review

The R/C car market, as far as I know, has a terrible problem. The problem with the R/C car market is that you can't really find a fun, fast and durable R/C car for less than around $150.

If you had told me that there's a remote control helicopter that's any fun at all for less than $100, I wouldn't have believed it. But it's true. This thing is a steal for the durability and entertainment value

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Denon AVR-E400 Review

I don't need much in an AVR. I need it to route AV signals from my components to my TV over HDMI. I need it to connect to my home LAN so that I can control it over IP using the Roomie iPhone App. I need it to make good-sounding noise come out of my 7.1 speakers. And I need it to not bug me. By these standards, and considering the blockbuster price I paid for it, I'm thrilled.

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Pioneer XW-SMA4-K Wi-Fi Speaker Review

Let me first tell you why I bought a Pioneer A4 and why I'm so happy with it. Then I'll go over its features and do a little nit-picking, which boils down to "this is an RTFM product in a post-RTFM world." All things considered, I love my A4: it's a great product at a terrific price.

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Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 Noise-Cancelling Headphones Reviewed and Compared

I've finally made the transition from my Etymotic Research HF2 Earphones to a set of over-the-ear noise canceling headphones. This month I've tried the Sennheiser PXC-450, Audio-Technica's ATH-ANC9, and the tried-and-true Bose QuietComfort 15. I wanted so much to pick this set from Audio-Technica, because they're fresh and new and because I started with a bias against Bose. But of these three, the ATH-ANC9s came in a disappointing third in my order of preference. I'm sending them back. Here's how I stacked up the three products:

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Pioneer Electronics Duo Series XW-NAC3-K Docking Station for iPod Review

Worthy of your attention, if you can find it at a reasonable pice. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is a bit of a joke. Pioneer is selling it directly to consumers at less than half the MSRP, and I found it at my local big box members-only store for 70% off MSRP. I bought it on impulse, and I'm keeping it despite my three-star review, because I like it and I have the technical skill and patience to manage its ease-of-use issues.

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Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series [Blu-ray] Review

As posted to Amazon. "Will This Be Our Epitaph?" *****

My appreciation for this series is primarily derived from the fact that it shows us things most people have never seen before, and my experience is that never fails to evoke involuntary--and frequent--gasps of wonder from all who view it. I also feel some sadness with respect to the series, because I feel it makes an apt and beautiful epitaph for the planet we seem to be irrevocably destroying. I know this is a little nutty, but I hope that if we utterly decimate our planet and most of its inhabitants, that somehow this series survives us as a testament to what was once here.